We are bringing you the latest from the SAMIP cohort, here are some updates on what our participants have been getting up to.


Media Hack Collective to host in-person training and publishes report on Covid-19 in SA

Data journalism start-up Media Hack Collective has run a coronavirus dashboard for more than two years that has been visited by millions of people. The organisation will be hosting an in-person workshop on 14 May in Johannesburg where they will be sharing lessons learned from visualising the pandemic and will provide training on how to create your own charts and maps using free tools. The course is suitable for beginner to intermediate people, read more here.

Media Hack’s independent publication, The Outlier has published a report on two years of Covid-19 in South Africa. On 5 March 2020 South Africa recorded its first SARS-CoV-2 case and two years later more than 100 000 deaths were attributed to the coronavirus in the country. In the report, the death toll is said to likely be three times higher, click here to read more detailed coronavirus data in South Africa collected by Media Hack over the past two years. 


Explain on power outages in SA and keeping the KZN relief funds corruption-free

Media start-up, explain.co.za published their latest weekly Wrap, themed dark days dogging South Africans. In the latest edition, the publication covers the ongoing power outages and the aftermath of floods in KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape. Included in this edition, are some tips for those looking to invest in solar energy due to the electricity crisis in the country.



Health-e on how the KZN healthcare service took a battering due to floods

Health news agency Health-e has published an article on how the devastating Kwazulu-Natal floods have left the healthcare system and infrastructure ravaged, including the roads. Damaged roads have prevented healthcare professionals and patients from accessing facilities, with hundreds of people in need of emergency services left stranded. Exposure to natural disasters such as flooding has a considerable mental health impact, and it is expected for some individuals to experience symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and anxiety due to the floods.



Hashtag Our Stories team to jet off to the Mojo Festival in London

Storytelling agency, Hashtag Our Stories will be jetting off to the Mojo Festival set to take place on 11 and 12 May in London Olympia. The Mojo Fest is the world’s longest-running mobile content creators’ festival and Hashtag is flying in its entire Europe team to attend.