As we close off the year, SAMIP brings you some updates on what the cohort has been up to. Here’s the latest from the South Africa Media Innovation Program.

gsport announces Top 10 Newsmakers of 2021

Women sports outlet, gsport announced the Top 10 Newsmakers of 2021 in style at a lavish event hosted at the Radission RED Hotel. The #GAL2021 Newsmakers list is compiled in-house and is informed by leading events in the gsport newsroom throughout the year. The guest list of the third edition of South Africa’s only women’s sport newsmakers event was kept tight due to Covid-19. In attendance were only newsmakers, selected media, and gsport partners.



Mail & Guardian and gsport partnership elevates women in sport

Mail & Guardian partnered with gsport about a year ago to increase mainstream media coverage of women’s sport on the continent. The fourth and final supplement for 2021 has recently been published celebrating 10 gsport Newsmakers of the year. The partnership has been successful at shining the spotlight on efforts to close the visibility gap and ensure increased coverage.


Volume at the Africa Podfest

Africa Podfest recently hosted Discovery Tour: The Road to Africa Podcast Day 2022. South Africa is the third stop of the virtual Discovery Tour of four African podcast hubs. Podcasting start-up, Volume partnered with Africa Podfest to share insights and host a training session. Co-founder, Paul McNally hosted a training session on podcast production and distribution and shared tips on monetising podcasts.


Children’s Radio Foundation podcast on the July 2021 unrest

Children’s Radio Foundation podcasting platform, The Radio Workshop released a podcast on the violent unrest that erupted in July 2021. On this latest podcast titled, Things Fall Apart: 8 Days of Unrest in South Africa, youth reporters speak with young people and communities across the country. The conversations attempt to help reckon with the country’s most violent period of unrest since democracy.



The Citizen Bulletin hosts Zimbabwe Media Policy Reform Symposium

The Citizen Bulletin, via its parent company, Zimbabwe Center for Media and Information Literacy (ZCMIL) recently hosted a two-day symposium in Harare on Zimbabwe’s Media Reform Agenda. The conference, attended by several ministers and top officials, interrogated the progress made so far by the government to align media laws to the Constitution in a bid to establish a free press environment in the country, currently ranked 130 out of 180 in the 2021 World Press Freedom Index.


Namibia Media Trust hosts a conference on Journalism Education in Southern Africa

Namibia Media Trust co-hosted the third edition of their annual conference on the Future of Journalism Education in Southern Africa. The virtual conference provided a platform for media managers, journalists, media experts and journalism trainers to exchange and develop ideas. The focus of the event was to emphasise the importance of providing timely, accurate and reliable information to restore trust in the media. You can watch all the sessions here