It’s been another busy week, with stokvel savings discussions, internet fandoms, and an inside look at community health workers. This is what SAMIP participants have been up to this week.

Readings on racism

As global discussions about systemic racism continue, The Daily Vox recommends ten books by Black and POC authors on race, systemic racism, and white privilege.

Tracking coronavirus news

Media Hack Collective updated their Coronavirus data dashboard to show the increase in infections in South Africa: it shows that South Africa has conducted 2.6 million tests, recorded over 408000 cases, and 6093 deaths.
As scientists and governments across the world race to find a way out of the pandemic, Health-e News reported on promising initial findings from a Covid-19 vaccine trial from Oxford University.

A growing community of women’s voices

Quote This Woman+ now hosts a community of nearly 300 woman+ sources in over 40 categories. This week, they highlighted seven new experts on Covid-19 and life under lockdown, as well as a conservationist who can offer analysis on the strange pandemic affecting elephants in Botswana.

Open-source investigations in Africa

Daneel Knoetze, editor of SAMIP participant ViewFinder, joined a discussion by the Global Investigative Journalism Network on Open Source Investigations in Africa. Together with journalists from Zimbabwe and Kenya, Daneel shared tips and insights on how to use open-source tools during the Covid-19 crisis to produce groundbreaking investigations.

Savings advice for hard times

Stokvel Talk, a media company that produces a free community newspaper on the financial cooperatives locally known as “stokvels”, hosted a webinar with Nedbank on how people can use stokvels for short to long term savings; the kinds of banking instruments that stokvels can use to achieve their goals; and discussed a few myths regarding stokvels and savings.


This week’s episode of ‘News From The Frontline’ produced by Volume in partnership with Tekano, the hosts focused on the plight of Community Health Workers during the Covid-19 crisis.

This week’s episode of The Critical Stans 2.0 podcast, the Daily Vox chat about fandoms and internet communities, as well as some of the downsides of online fan cultures.

In the latest Farmer’s Inside Track podcast, Food for Mzanzi hosts a range of experts on agriculture, including an agricultural economist with the latest fruit and vegetable market update ; and an indigenous goat farmer who talks about why he believes that farming as the best way of fighting poverty.

Upcoming event

Children’s Radio Foundation in partnership with SAMIP will be hosting the MMX Listening Experience, African Media in a Global Crisis event on 29 July at 4:00 pm. The hosts will be in conversation with Simon Allison (The Continent by M&G) Jama Jack (Medical Research Council Unit, The Gambia) and Nelisiwe Msomi (Health-e News) about how African media can best respond to the pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The business of podcasting

On Tuesday 28 July, SAMIP is hosting an online discussion on the business of podcast, focusing on the ins and outs of the podcasting business in the global south. The discussion will feature speakers from SAMIP participant organisations as well as external expert Selly Thiam from None on Record and Ramsey Tesdell from Sowt.
The event is scheduled for 11am-12pm (UTC+2) – RSVP to [email protected].