According to government plans, no more than a third of students will return to campuses in Level 3 of lockdown. In their latest newsletter, The Daily Vox spoke to two university students, Siya Shazi and Njabulo Mhlambi, about how they’re dealing with online learning. While most people have raised issues of data for students, Siya and Njabulo also spoke about the need to manage their mental health, bad connectivity, and increased workloads.

The youth offer solutions on COVID-19 reporting

During times of crisis, community radio stations play a crucial role in sharing information, mobilizing community members, and directing listeners to the health care services in their communities. Children’s Radio Foundation hosted a webinar on youth solutions in reporting on Covid-19 across the African continent. The conversation brought to light the challenges faced by youth across Africa in this moment — lack of accurate health information, school closings, limited access to technology, loss of contact with peers, precarious futures — and how our broadcasts are addressing these uncertainties.

More women+ experts on COVID-19 emerge

Quote This Woman+ has an existing database of seventy women and since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, they have created a database of experts in that field.  In their latest newsletter, QW+ shares a database of women experts that can speak to new aspects of the pandemic including the contact details of  Dr. Thokozani Chilenga-Butao and Dr. Sara Black who can speak to the opening of the schools.

Season 1 of Media diaries comes to a close

What happens when our journalists, the people we expect to be out in the world for us, are forced to stay at home? At a time when we vitally need reliable reporting, how are editors managing the COVID-19 crisis? Listen to all the 8 episodes of Media Diaries: Covid-19 Edition by Volume and get a sense of how SAMIP participants have continued their work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Media Hack’s dashboard remains up-to-date on the Coronavirus in South Africa

COVID-19 tests, infections, recoveries, and death numbers continue to rise.  South Africa has conducted 655,723 tests and has 27,402 coronavirus cases, 143,370 recoveries, and 577 deaths. Media Hack Collective’s coronavirus dashboard keeps us updated with the latest COVID-19 numbers and 12 areas identified as coronavirus hot spots.

Food for Mzansi shares inspiring stories of unity in agri-business 

This week’s episode 27 of Farmer’s inside tracker by Food for Mzansi tells a story of two Northern Cape farmers who realised that unity is the key to their future. The podcast reveals how partnerships are a secret to a successful agri-business.

gsport shines the spotlight on excellence in women’s sports journalism

gsport for girls reporter Celine Abrahams got to interview football reporter Lee-Ann Mpofu in their ongoing series called ‘The Big Interview’. Mpofu was the winner of the 2019 Momentum gsport Woman in Social Media award at last year’s ceremony.