In a time of uncertainty for many media organizations, this week’s updates from participants of the South Africa Media Innovation Program is cause for optimism: a major crowdfunding success, the rollout of a new podcast, an innovative live audio event, and ongoing coverage of the key issues of the day.

Crowdfunding success for Coronavirus data dashboard

This week, the Media Hack Collective launched a crowdfunding campaign for their Coronavirus dashboard, which they created four months ago to track South Africa’s coronavirus numbers. Their goal was to raise R30,000 over 30 days – but they reached their target in just 30 hours. By Friday, the funding portal had received 130 small user donations, totalling 140% of their original goal. Media Hack plans to continue maintaining the Coronavirus dashboard as a public service, updating it daily with the latest numbers on Covid-19 tests, infection, death, and recoveries.

Children’s Radio Foundation hosts the MMX experience

As part of this year’s MMX (Menell Media Exchange), the Children’s Radio Foundation hosted an “MMX Listening Experience” on the theme of African Media in a Global Crisis. The event was delivered over Zoom, through an innovative combination of live broadcasts, audience interaction, and pre-recorded content, unpacking some of the challenges facing media organisations in Africa during the pandemic, and how some outlets are responding. It was produced in partnership with the South Africa Media Innovation Program. Watch it live here:

Challenges faced by SA pregnant women during Covid-19

This week, The Daily Vox report on the challenges faced by pregnant women during antenatal and postnatal care in South Africa during Covid-19 and how pregnant women can prepare to overcome the challenges.

Zooming in on Gauteng province’s pandemic response

Health-e News reports on a new plan to boost the Gauteng government’s efforts to contain Covid-19 infections – a set of “district champions” who will lead local efforts, supported by a list of ministers, deputy ministers and provincial leaders.

New podcast on internet shutdowns

Volume, in partnership with Access Now, launched Kill Switch, a brand-new podcast that explores the troubling rise of internet shutdown across the world. The series will follow different role players in different geographic locations to discuss internet shutdowns and digital rights violations.

Food for Mzansi keeps us updated with agricultural news

Food for Mzansi wraps the week with a highlight of agricultural news in South Africa. Their Farmer’s Insider Track podcast features the co-owner of the Drakensberg Bee Academy in KwaZulu-Natal, a representative from Farmer’s Assistant, and an aquaponics pioneer farming in Tembisa in Gauteng.